Mizuki: LOTD

Welcome to the land of Sol

The world is expansive and filled with life. Feel free to read the Bio’s of the cast of characters and read the Prologue, First and Second Chapters for Free.


Welcome to the world of Dragaroth. Learn of the past events that Shook The Korridon Planes of the Dark County and the battle that shaped the future of their world.

Chapter 1

The first chapter that introduces the first prince of Arigon and his struggles in the world. Along with his sister and friends.

Chapter 2

Continue a day in the life of Shawn Mizuki. Waking up after the Training exorcise with his sister, Sheena. We also learn a bit about the Ibuki’s and Mizuki’s history.

Chapter 3

A sneak peak in to the villainy that is about to plague the land.

Characters’ Bios

Learn about the cast of characters who fill the world. Who they are is as important as their journey.

MLOTD Books Illustrations

Click on the title link above to gain access to all of our Mizuki: Lineage of the dragon series’ books illustrations. This section that is featuring these aforementioned digital images will be updated soon after a new MLOTD book is released. We hope all of you enjoy our books’ respective artworks along with the world and the corresponding characters that we created for you to potentially relish.                                   

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