Mizuki Prologue


Souichiro’s Wrath


Mizuki Events

Time slowed down as the air current protested against a fallen warrior’s body. He dropped ninety-two feet from the air and let out a hoarse scream on the way down towards the blazing town. He tried desperately to reach out to his falling dragon partner, but it was too late. His companion’s body was burning in a blaze, and it was beheaded. As the massive, deceased body crashed down to the ground, the decapitated head got crushed under the extraordinary weight, leaving behind a gruesome sight. The warrior’s failure became confirmed as his fall reached an end. His dead partner’s claw impaled him and entered through the middle of his back, which pierced him through his heart. Blood shot out of the warrior’s mouth as his body slowly burned into debris. As his life began slipping away, he slowly turned his head and looked at the destruction and chaos that went throughout what appeared to be the entirety of the kingdom.
            The destruction reached the castle. The back of the palace blazed with the agonizing flames of hell. The firestorms were the aftermaths of an outrageous battle. The flames scorched around countless men, women, children, and even the soldiers’ dragon partners. The victims were scattered across the castle’s courtyard dying in the pools of their own blood. The defeated warrior looked through the thick black smoke, and he saw a familiar masculine figure. The mysterious man stood in the middle of the carnage and looked at the black doors of the enormous castle right in front of him. He held a curved, crimson blade with a black hilt, which included a sword guard that resembled a black dragon’s head with a horn coming from its nose. The blade protruded from the dragon’s mouth. Its fangs pressed on each side of the blade. The weapon displayed a red glow that could be seen throughout the black smoke. Its hue matched the color of the countless pools of blood that the mysterious warrior stood in. He quickly stabbed the tip of his blade into the ground. Suddenly, the red eyes of the dragon’s head started to glow, and the armament began to pulsate rapidly. The head let out a loud roar as its blade started to absorb the surrounding pools of blood.  
            The weapon then emitted a black glow, which cloaked the wielder’s body. He smirked as he unleashed even more energy, thus combining his own personal power with the power residing within the sword. The area started to shake, and the surrounding buildings commenced to rumble and collapse, thus displaying the mysterious warrior’s tremendous strength. The aura began to create a gigantic dome, which stretched 360 degrees around his entire body. 
            “Cyrus, where are you?!” the mysterious man shouted with his fiercely deep tone. He shifted his frame into an offensive fighting stance preparing for his attack. He pivoted his right leg behind him in a wide, powerful stance as an anchor allowing his left forward leg to provide balance and quick, aggressive movements. He raised his sword high above his head. The land beneath his footing started cracking as the built-up Chi burst from the ground. This resembled an erupting volcano, and its destructive force created five man-sized holes of energy, which surrounded the warrior’s body. 
            “Cyrus, come out and face me! I’m getting tired of and progressively annoyed with facing your grunts. Do you fear me, Cyrus?!” the mysterious warrior shouted as a red dragon began to spiral rapidly around the blade.
            The spiraling beast began to spin faster. Its speed created a miniature red tornado, which emitted a loud dragon roar. The mysterious warrior stood firm and aimed his sword directly at the main doors of the castle. “Y-You will p-pay for what you h-have done, Souichiro,” the fallen warrior struggled to say to the lone, ferocious swordsman who stood fifteen feet away from him. “Lord C-Cyrus will end y-your life,” cried the severely wounded warrior as he choked on his blood. “I would love to see him try that, Miroku, but too bad that you won’t be around to watch me and your king clash blades,” Souichiro replied casually with a smirk after turning his head to look at the fallen warrior.

            Miroku turned his head to cough up blood. He needed to clear his throat, so he could speak. The defeated warrior then looked at Souichiro with a saddened expression.

            “W-why, S-Souichiro? W-why would you do this to us?!” he agonizingly struggled to inquire.

  Souichiro looked at the dying warrior with a solemn expression. “Because your kind has overstayed its welcome,” he vaguely answered. “This world will be better off without your clan. It will also be better off with new leadership. I already killed the Light King, and next I will kill your precious, beloved king. After killing Cyrus, the Dark King, I will return north and will kill the sweet, adored Shinia. Lastly, I will travel across the rest of this forsaken world and murder all of the remaining thirteen inferior rulers who reside in those other insignificant countries. This world needs cleansing, rebuilding, and leadership under the glorious likes of me. I will lead this world into utter salvation and a new golden era unlike any it’s ever seen,” he smiled and laughed maniacally. “Y-You’re insane! You’re out to k-kill your own w-wife too? Tell me what h-has happened to you, Souichiro?!” Miroku inquired. “You’re a monster!” he roared and coughed up a frighteningly tremendous amount of blood.

“I’ve been reborn,” Souichiro answered vaguely and somewhat sinisterly. “Something that you or your kind won’t ever experience. Now die, weakling. Kyoryuugan!” he shouted. Instantly, Souichiro’s brown left iris began to separate and left his black pupil sitting on top of his sclera alone. As his pupil turned red, his iris began reshaping itself. Quickly, the morphed ocular organ resembled a black, snakelike dragon circling around Souichiro’s pupil with the dragon’s head resting atop the pupil. The snakelike dragon that sat on top of the rebel-like warrior’s pupil finalized as a red eyed, black dragon.

           “Mitsurugi,” he uttered. Swiftly, a massive circle with a red insignia appeared 50 feet in the air above the defeated man’s body. In a flash, an identical symbol to the dragon that currently sat atop of Souichiro’s sclera appeared in the middle of the red ring. It finalized and gave the impression of a summoning circle.

All the while, Miroku looked towards the edge of the kingdom. He then focused his vision to successfully look through the walls. Then, he extended his sight beyond the kingdom’s borders with the last bit of his strength. He spotted a cloaked little girl running across a path within a nearby forest. She had her arms wrapped tightly around a large, dragon scaled, crimson egg. The fallen warrior then smirked slightly. The sight of the child escaping was enough to put his heart at ease.

 “Take our last hope somewhere safe, Little Miss. Please keep running, and get far away from here,” he thought. The dying combatant then looked up into the air to see an unknown, red armored, male samurai warrior. The summoning-like circle with the insignia in its midst that was previously in the air was now gone. The swordsman was soaring down from the sky with the tip of his katana blade pointing downwards towards Miroku’s face.

            “Our lineage will l-live on,” Miroku mumbled under his dying breath.

“Unfortunately, for you and your dying clan’s lineage, Miroku, the two fleeing progenies will perish as well. Estellise,” Souichiro said coldly. In the twinkling of an eye, a huge circle with a green insignia within that was an indistinguishable symbol from the prior circle appeared above the wooded area where the young lass was running. Suddenly, a blinding, green light shot from the circle and soared downwards towards the timberland’s surface.

“Nooooo!” Miroku cried out mournfully. The katana then pierced through the fallen warrior’s skull.

                                                    Mizuki: Lineage of the Dragon

                                                                      Volume 1

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